Typeface Design called Lunar based on a journey to the moon
Lunar typeface design letter development sketches
Lunar bar company, london solar system of bars - lunar typeface
Solar System dots graphic - Lunar typeface design
The Neptune Bar front design

The Brief
A brief set during my study towards my BA to represent a journey, any journey of my choice. I decided that my journey would take me to the moon.

The Solution
I used the circle, the shape of the planets in the solar system, and the visible craters on the moon as my inspiration and basis to design the ‘Lunar’ typeface.
Lunar is an edgy typeface sliced to reflect the moon phases and terminator (the imaginary line separating the lighted and shaded areas on the moon or other planetary bodies).

My application of the typeface led to the idea of creating the ‘lunar bar company’ with a solar system of bars across London along with satellite coffee bars dotted around. The largest bar ‘Sun’ positioned in Soho, the smallest Pluto being located in Knightsbridge, an exclusive bar, the place to been seen.