Coffee Bean Character Illustrations
The Coffee Beans Cup characters

The language of ordering a coffee can be baffling, “I’ll have a tall half-skinny half-1 percent extra hot split quad shot latte with whip”.

This is an ongoing self-initiated project to illustrate a series of coffee bean characters to reflect the names given to coffee drinks.

Thunder Thighs
A drama queen with delusions of grandeur. Thunder Thighs has never watched her weight and doesn’t intend to start now! Unlucky in love, she spends a lot of time with her pet ‘Sweets’.

Skinny is the resident bean counter. He’s very competitive. When not counting calories he can be found either rolling around the treadmill or visiting his main squeeze at the juice bar.

Oh! Lait
Oh! lait has a light & dark side which makes him rather dizzy, he usually gets in a mix after gossiping with ‘Stirrer’ at coffee mornings.

Speedball is in a spin, a hyper-active chatterbox. He’s very hard to pin down. The highs and lows of his caffeine dependency has left this insomniac always looking for his next fix.

With Wings
With Wings likes the rough & tumble of travel. He gets carried away very easily. Of late he has been spotted mixing with the wrong crowd – with ‘Grinder’ in particular.